Hi there! I'm Sean Lensborn, the creator of prompts.finance. With over 20 years of experience in the fintech space, I've held various roles as a software engineer, engineering manager, and CTO. I served as the CTO of DBRS Morningstar for 10 years, taking that company from a family owned business through private equity investment on to a strategic acquisition by Morningstar. Currently, my main focus is driving technological change at ZAIS Group, an alternative asset manager, as their CTO.

My passion lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, finance, and capital markets. I created prompts.finance to explore and demystify the world of AI-driven financial analysis, focusing on tools like ChatGPT. My mission is to empower professionals, enthusiasts, and curious minds to harness the power of AI in capital markets through effective prompt engineering and innovative strategies. I truly believe this will be a step change in society, much like the Internet, and everyone will need to take advantage of this technology or be left behind.

When I'm not diving into the depths of AI and finance, you can find me on the golf course or at my daughter’s soccer game. I'm always open to discussions, collaborations, and new ideas, so feel free to reach out to me here on substack or connect with me on Linkedin.

Happy reading, and let's unlock the potential of AI in finance together!

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Exploring ChatGPT Prompts in Finance


Author of prompts.finance, long time technology leader, golf fanatic and current CTO of ZAIS Group